GSO Test

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Cefai - Headteacher
Mr R Lansiquot - Associate Headteacher
Mr G Vincent - Deputy Headteacher
Mr N Williams - Deputy Headteacher
Ms S Bonar - Assistant Head
Mr L Williams - Assistant Head
Mrs V Roszkowski - Assistant Head
Mrs A Sparkes - Assistant Head
Ms K Whyte - Assistant Head
Mrs J Hetherington - Assistant Head
Mr P Thompson - Assistant Head

Directors of Learning

Ms P Quartey - Year 7
Ms S Lundon - Year 8
Mr A White - Year 9
Mr M Guittet - Year 10
Ms C Roberts - Year 11
Ms M Antoniou - Year 12 & 13

House Leaders

Thomas Becket - Mr J Norena
Francesca Cabrini - Ms T Akhter
John Bosco - Ms S Trustman
Mary Magdalene - Mr R Price


Mrs J Hetherington 

Intervention Co-ordinator

Mr P Sango

Website & Sixth Form Administrator

Ms B Quinn 


Ms J Laffan

Cover Supervisors

Mr I Ojuriye & Mr M Udebhulu

Work Experience

Mr J Norena

Director of Pupil Employability

Mrs A Sparkes 

STEM Co-ordinator

Ms Z Hussain

Public Speaking

Ms E Cawley 

Footsteps Inclusion Centre

Ms L Davey - Manager & Co-ordinator of Footsteps
Ms B Mehmet - Learning Mentor and Speech & Language


Mr L Williams - Head of Department
Ms B Dorman - Second in charge
Ms O Spiller - Second in charge
Ms K Noble - Second in charge
Ms K Collison - Teacher
Ms P Quartey - Teacher
Mrs J Hetherington - Teacher
Ms R Harmer - Teacher


Mrs D Toby - Head of Department
Mr P Purvis - Second in charge
Ms A Johnson - Second in charge
Ms D Mukasa - Second in charge
Dr F Munyaneza - Teacher
Ms E Cawley - Teacher
Ms T Akhter - Teacher
Mr G Vincent - Teacher
Ms M Fleming - Teacher
Mr J Norena - Teacher
Ms L Keeler - Teacher


Ms K Whyte - Head of Department
Ms N Mincoff - Second in charge
Ms M Balogun - Second in charge
Mr D Trofimczuk - Second in charge
Ms M Antoniou - Teacher
Ms S Bonar - Teacher
Mr S Amin - Teacher
Ms Z Hussain - Teacher
Mr N Adusei - Teacher
Ms D Kemp - Teacher
Mr R Thomas - Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms E Burrell - Head of Department
Ms V Martinez Gea - Second in charge
Ms A O'Flynn - Second in charge
Ms S Lundon - Teacher
Ms P Gordon - Teacher
Mr N Williams - Teacher
Mr M Guittet - Teacher
Ms Z Fairhurst - Teacher


Mr J Goodhew - Head of Department
Mrs V Roszkowski - Teacher
Mr S Campbell - Teacher

Physical Education

Mr P Blake - Head of Department (Boys PE)
Ms N Mullens - Head of Department (Girls PE)
Mr P Sango - Teacher
Mr R Lansiquot Teacher


Mrs M Noonan - Head of Department
Ms D Claughton - Head of Department
Ms L Ballantyne - Second in charge
Mr R Price - Teacher

Religious Education

Mr P Thompson - Head of Department
Mr S Di Pirro - Second in charge
Mr A White - Teacher
Ms T Tran - Teacher

Design & Technology

Mr N Ashton - Head of Construction
Ms D Jones - Head of Graphics
Ms L Hibbett - Head of Food & Nutrition


Mr J Naylor - Acting Head of Art

Performing Arts

Ms R Mazur - Head of Music
Ms S Trustman - Head of Drama

Instrumental Staff

D Preston - Voice
D Nolan - Guitar
T Currie-Smith - Drum-Kit
T Cummings - Piano
J Harris - Brass


Ms F Cole - Head of Department


Ms M Sparks - Head of Department


Ms L Evans - Head of Department

Health & Social Care

Ms C Roberts - Head of Department
Ms P Williams - Teacher

Business Studies & Economics

Mr J Fitzgerald - Head of Department
Ms J Mensah - Second in charge
Mrs A Sparkes - Teacher

Government & Politics

Mr T Glasper - Head of Department

Learning Support

Mrs J Hetherington - Head of Department
Ms V Prokopenkova - Teaching Assistant
Ms S Ahmed - Teaching Assistant
Ms B Assod Idriss - Teaching Assistant
Ms T Awoyemi - Teaching Assistant
Ms E Mundy - Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs S Pindoria - Executive Business Manager
Ms A O'Sullivan - PA to Headteacher/Office Manager and Clerk to the Governors
Mr M Ng - Deputy Bursar
Mr B Maftei - Finance Officer
Ms A Rumble - Finance and Admissions Officer

Mr A Bell - Data Manager & Exams Analysis
Ms B Quinn - Website & Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs M Dos Santos - Reprographics Officer & Displays

Mrs S Eddings - Receptionist & Attendance Officer
Ms J Burton - Receptionist
Ms K Golding - Senior Administration Officer
Ms J Nti - Administrator
Ms J Laffan - Librarian

Ms H Ameen - Senior Science Technician
Ms K Somoye - Science Technician
Mr J Steadman - Technology Technician

Mrs T Barton - Housekeeping & General Assistant
Mr W Lodge - Premises Manager
Mr O Alarcon - Premises Assistant
Mr G Graham - Premises Assistant 

Ms J Durrant - Catering Manager
Ms P Andagoya - Head Cook
Ms Z Fullah - Assistant Cook
Ms L Lozano Arango - Catering Assistant
Ms F Ayanda - Catering Assistant
Ms S Jennings - Catering Assistant
Ms D Sculley - Catering Assistant
Ms M Cevallos - Catering Assistant
Ms M Ghiadri - Catering Assistant
Ms D Johnson - Catering Assistant
Ms Z Sesay - Catering Assistant
Ms S Garzon Oviedo Catering Assistant
Ms S Johnbull - Catering Assistant

Mrs M James - Mid-day Meals Supervisor
Mrs E Cook - Mid-day Meals Supervisor