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School vision and Mission Statement


As a school dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we work to bring one another to an awareness of the fullness and meaning of life, rooted in the love of Jesus.

School Vision

To enable every child to achieve more than they think they are capable of achieving

Mission Statement

"Our school strives to be a Catholic community in which Christian principles of care and respect are valued, with emphasis on the development of the individual through academic achievement and personal development".

To achieve our vision we will:

  • recognise and treasure the unique gifts of each pupil and do all that we can to allow these to develop and flourish.
  • provide the highest possible quality of education where each child is challenged to pursue the highest standards in spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, and physical development in an environment of academic endeavour and personal discipline.
  • create a welcoming community of faith which witnesses to the teachings of the gospel and fosters strong bonds of love within the community we serve.
  • form our pupils in the attitudes of the heart of Jesus expressed in respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity.