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School catering

Hello and Welcome to Olive Catering

We are delighted to be the new catering provider for your child's school.

We are passionate and committed to providing healthy and delicious meals with the highest quality ingredients, and our menus are full of variety and flavours to cater for everyone’s taste and dietary requirements.

The onsite team are skilled and knowledgeable about the food we serve and can provide students with information to support specific diets or cultural choices.

Our menu changes three times per year and includes Chef's specials and special Theme Days to ensure innovation and variety. 

In addition to our lunchtime menus we also provide an extensive array of food choices from breakfast to home time, which may include morning break items, or grab and go snacks from outside pod areas.


Here at Olive Dining we pride ourselves on the food we produce and the ingredients we  use.

  • We use local suppliers who use environmentally, sustainable sources.
  • Our meat comes from Food Standard Assured Farms.
  • Our fish comes from sustainable sources.
  • We eat seasonal products requiring significantly less emissions.
  • All our eggs are free-range.
  • We use traditional china plates & bowl to avoid waste.

Theme Days and Events

We have a range of theme days over the year for key events. Look out for monthly theme day calendar so pupils can enjoy these days and fun menus. 

Click on the links below to view our menus:

Menu 1 -  Weeks commencing:   4 September - 25 September  - 16 October

Menu 2 -  Weeks commencing:   11 September - 2 October 

Menu 3Weeks commencing:   18 September  - 9 October 

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