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Chess Tournament

Sacred Heart School vs St Thomas the Apostle School- Friday 1st April 2022

On the last day of term, Sacred Heart School hosted a chess tournament against St Thomas the Apostle School. Each school had two teams of 6 players, one team from years 7-11 and the other from 6th form. Each player played six games in total (every player from the opposing team).

Sacred Heart Team year 7-11                                                      Sacred Heart 6th Form Team

Andres Vergara Duran 7M                                                             Regan Darko 12FB
Justin Lloyd Casilagan 8P                                                                Anh-Quoc Ha 12FB
Paolo Lanzani 10P                                                                                Kleone Gayya 12FB
Jahn Liam Casilagan 11M                                                                Matthew Green 13FM
Neithan Chua 11P                                                                               Solomon Areoye 13FM
Cynyr Ocampo 11M                                                                           Justin La Rosa 13FM

Isaac Kebede 9M                                                                                  Samuel Thomas 12JC
Leeland Bell 9P                                                                                      Russell Macapagal 13FB

Sacred Heart students played amazingly winning almost all of their games against their opponents from St Thomas the Apostle. Our star player on the day was Justin La Rosa 13FM who won all of his games. Sacred Heart won both the lower school and 6th form tournament by a great margin. We hope to host another tournament again soon against St Thomas the Apostle School and other schools in the local area.


Chess Club is now one of the largest extra-curricular clubs in school with over 50 members. We hope that with the continued support of Mr Amin and our 6th form members, we will be able to continue to grow this club and participate in more events outside of school.

I am so proud of every member of our chess club. Whether they competed in the tournament, supported our teams to practice or came to spectate on the day, they are a wonderful group of students who make chess club a great place to be.

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Ms Laffan
Acting Librarian