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Information for University and College Admissions Teams


Context of the school

Sacred Heart is a mixed comprehensive which serves an inner city area with very high levels of deprivation; our cohort is derived from the top 5% of most socio-economic deprived wards. A high proportion of our students are from minority ethnic backgrounds (95%) and for whom English is not their home language (60%). Over a third (37%) of our students are entitled to additional government funding known as the Pupil Premium.


Centre-Specific impact of COVID-19 on students applying through UCAS for 2021 entry

This information is provided to explain the centre-specific impact on current Year 13 students of the Lockdown and school closures in March-August 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended to complement individual student UCAS references as per the guidance issued by UCAS.

Loss of teaching time and alternative provision

  • Remote, non-live, teaching began immediately following the school closure on 20thMarch for all students – this was delivered via Microsoft Teams and Google Classrooms.
  • Remote teaching continued to follow the ‘normal’ curriculum, with students being set an equivalent amount of work as they would usually cover in lessons and homework.
  • Live online teaching began immediately for some subjects, with others introducing this at a later stage – all students received some online teaching in their A Level subjects by the end of the summer term, with the amount varying significantly from subject to subject.
  • Students deemed to be most in need of face-to-face teaching returned to school in June/July for informal lessons in some of their A Level subjects. Provision varied between subjects and students.
  • Many students were able to continue their work in all of their subjects and keep up to date with their A Level course – but some were unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Circumstances specific to students are noted in their UCAS references.

Disruption to university application process

  • There has been obvious disruption to the university application process for current Year 13 students.  Many of our students are from families where they will be the first in their families to attend university and therefore they have been adversely impacted by the absence of Open Days and Summer Schools.   The School mitigated against this to some degree by running remote Higher Education information sessions and all students were able to access virtual summer schools. 

Impact on the information used to determine predicted grades

  • Formal internal assessments took place in February 2020 and online assessment took place in June 2020. Further internal formal assessments are planned for October 2020.
  • Predicted grades have been calculated taking into account internal assessments throughout last academic year, including work completed online and in person where applicable during the school closure period.
  • The School does not give predictions for the Extended Project Qualification as the assessment method and qualification structure is not suited to predictions.

Further information can be provided if required by Sarah Bonar, Head of Sixth Form: