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Science Department Curriculum Intent

The overriding ambition of our Science curriculum is to support the school vision of enabling every child to achieve more than they think they are capable of achieving.

As subject specialists across Biology, Chemistry and Physics, we strive to stimulate intellectual curiosity that inspires young scientists. We put an emphasis on nurturing our pupils through practical learning so that they excel in their studies.

The intent of our curriculum is:

  •   To equip our students with a curiosity of the world around them – science is everywhere!
  •   To develop firm foundations of each Science discipline on which students build throughout their Science education
  •   To intrinsically use practical work to develop students’ scientific knowledge, understanding and skills.    These include; forming hypotheses, writing and following methods, using a range of practical     
      equipment, drawing tables, collecting accurate and precise results, using these to draw graphs and       
      analysing these to form conclusions, evaluations and recommendations
  •   To teach students to be able to recognise, describe, use and apply key scientific ideas to explain
      abstract phenomena by being actively engaged in their learning

We aim to enthuse students at all levels to study Science further by making the curriculum and pathways accessible to all, whilst differentiating within the class for the most able and students who need more support. We have a rich and varied curriculum enhancement programme, which encourages our students to relate the changing nature of society and the economy to the curriculum we teach in school.

Science Curriculum Map

science curriculum map 2023.pdf