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Politics Department Curriculum Intent

The Politics department is focused on making students politically aware and to be active citizens in their society.  The department seeks to build confidence in every student to express their opinion and respect alternative opinions.  We seek to deepen understanding of British values such as liberal democracy and institutions such as parliament.

The intent of our curriculum is to:

·         Widen understanding of democracy and political institutions in the UK.

·         Develop an understanding of the global community, international relations and the environment.

·         Support students to be politically aware and to express and challenge opinions in a respectful and
           tolerant manner.

·         Raise awareness of social issues and to encourage students to address these issues through social

·         Help students become more politically and culturally aware of the political sphere in the UK and
           global community by extending learning outside of the classroom.

·         Teach students the content outlined in curriculums and specifications and to prepare students to
           achieve in formal examinations.

The Politics department is an inclusive department that supports all students and challenges students to achieve.  We aim to enrich learning with excellent teaching and by offering a range of opportunities inside and outside of school.  In order to foster a love of Politics, we aim to involve the whole school in debates and assembles on significant political events.

Politics Curriculum Map

politics curriculum map.pdf