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Music Department Curriculum Intent

In the Music Department at Sacred Heart, the aim is to ensure that all pupils, whether they take Music to KS4 and KS5, will have experienced a wide range of different styles of Music. This will include experiences of listening, composing and performing. They will be able to read Music to the minimum of a basic standard, to understand the basics of Music Theory, such as Italian terminology, and to be able to play a basic piano piece.

We consider it important that all pupils have experiences of many different cultures and genres of Music that they may not be able to explore themselves. We want pupils to be able to perform on a range of different instruments and all pupils will all been given the opportunity to take part in an curriculum enhancement trip and learn how to play an instrument.

Music is regarded as a highly academic subject by Russell group universities because it teaches children transferable skills such as commitment, confidence, public speaking and independent learning. Like foreign languages, Music is an academic subject and a means of communication as well as an art, and is beneficial to mental health and wellbeing. We think it is important that pupils are given different ways to express themselves and this is encouraged in the Music department.

Music Curriculum Map

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