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History Department Curriculum Intent

The History curriculum at Sacred Heart aims to inspire our students to become well rounded and passionate historians with both a love of the subject but also a passion for learning about the world around them.

They will study a range of topics and perspectives and develop the ability to make balanced arguments by using a range of evidence to inform their judgements. Within our curriculum the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs are taught throughout the curriculum. In addition, they will understand how history forms our sense of identity and place in the world and through studying a range of historical periods both British and across the wider world they will become more open minded, empathetic and critical thinkers. They will develop the skill of questioning, extended writing, analysis and knowledge and their learning and development will serve as an excellent foundation for their future. We also endeavour to link History with understanding of historical knowledge in a variety of different ways including through watching documentaries, visiting museums and galleries, and trips.

History Curriculum Map