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Welcome to Footsteps

Sacred Heart Pupil Inclusion and Learning Support Unit

Footsteps is our school Pupil Inclusion Centre and Learning Support Unit.

The unit enables pupils who are not attending mainstream school to continue their school education. The pupils who attend Footsteps attend for a number of different reasons, the main reason being behavioural difficulties or difficulties coping with school. Occasionally, older students use the unit to catch up with overdue coursework.

Footsteps has been created within Sacred Heart in order to give our pupils the opportunity to work in a quiet environment whereupon they will be given time to reflect and discuss obtainable targets and gain a positive attitude in returning back to mainstream education.

Our focus is on continued learning and teaching. When a new pupil arrives they are assessed and if necessary a PSP completed on their behalf depending on length of stay and number of times referred to the unit. Pupils will follow a reduced timetable for the first day and are fully informed of the rules and how they are expected to conduct themselves during their stay.

The majority of pupils attending Footsteps will be at risk of exclusion after having received a succession of warnings and reprimands with regards to improving their behaviour at school.

For further information, please email

Ms L Davey - Head of Footsteps

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