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Food Technology

Food Preparation and Nutrition Department Curriculum Intent

The overriding focus of the Food Preparation & Nutrition curriculum is to support the school vision of enabling every child to achieve beyond their projected attainment, regardless of their socioeconomic status, gender or ability. This aims to promote a vision for pupils to achieve more than they believe they can and to aim for success in pupils to develop socially, morally, academically and spiritually in preparation for their futures.

 The intent of our curriculum is

  • To develop a passion and enthusiasm for both the scientific disciplines and practical elements of Food Preparation & Nutrition and to nurture an interest in the creative aspect and enjoyment of food
  • To appreciate the cultural differences and similarities relating to food security and food choices, including the social, cultural and economic impacts on health within our school and wider communities
  • To facilitate pupils to take an informed approach to understanding and improving their own health and the health of those around them and to develop the confidence to challenge certain behaviours regarding health and food choices
  • To enable pupils to link theory-based knowledge with practical-based skills in order to promote healthy eating for a sustainable lifestyle
  • To promote the use of numeracy and literacy in a practical and functional way
  • To become hard working, independent thinkers who are motivated to achieve

Our Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum aims to support learning by following programmes that enable pupils to achieve their full potential.

We offer several opportunities for pupils to develop and progress outside of the classroom through extracurricular and cross curricular learning opportunities including skills development sessions, Healthy Eating Team projects, seasonal activities and pupils-led tasks. The subject considers a wide range of topics, exploring issues that affect our school and wider local and international communities.

Food Preparation and Nutrition Curriculum Map