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English Department Curriculum Intent

The overriding ambition of our English curriculum is to support the school vision of enabling every child to achieve more than they think they are capable of achieving.

As English specialists and passionate advocates of the value and power of language, literacy, oracy and literature the intent of our curriculum is

  • To enrich the cultural, emotional and literary understanding of our pupils by exposing them to a diverse range of literary texts, which enable them to encounter and empathise with cultural, social, moral and historical contexts they may never otherwise come face to face with
  • To enable pupils to develop a thirst and passion for rigorous literary analysis and rigour through the study of literature in all its forms, from the canonical through to the contemporary
  • To encourage pupils to develop a love of reading widely and often for pleasure as well as education
  • To give pupils the cultural capital and power to confidently express themselves in written and oral contexts

Our English curriculum aims to meet the needs of all pupils, providing each of them with a range of opportunities to learn and achieve.

We seek to ensure that all pupils receive a broad, rich, deep and knowledge rich English curriculum and that through the study of English Language and Literature pupils build their character and develop socially, morally and mentally as Catholics while also understanding fundamental British values and appreciating the breadth of cultural diversity and values within Britain. Furthermore our curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils experience a wide variety of English Language and Literature related learning opportunities outside of the classroom through an extensive programme of curriculum enhancement.

In order to promote a love of the spoken word we place an emphasis on performance of texts, both written by pupils and great writers, using regular whole year group performance showcases.

English Curriculum Map


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