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Art Department Curriculum Intent

At Sacred Heart School, Art is an element of the broad and balanced curriculum that all pupils are entitled to. All pupils in Years 7-9 will receive education in Art as one of the National Curriculum Foundation subjects. They are taught in form groups from Year 7 – Year 8 on a carousel with the Technology Department. Year 9 are taught on a carousel. Art is an integral part of the curriculum for pupils at Sacred Heart School. Pupils are assessed according to school policy.

Art is taught largely according to the National Curriculum document, pupils are offered the opportunity to learn “knowledge, skills and understanding” to make progress in the subject. All pupils at Sacred Heart School will be given the opportunity to experience working in a wide a variety of 2D and 3D media and materials. Pupils work within a range of contexts exploring the history of art in European and non-European traditions and studying a variety of cultural traditions from around the world, as well as contemporary practices. Students will learn how to self-evaluate and analyse visual sources. All pupils have the opportunity to visit a gallery and/or cultural institution.

Students are encouraged to take risks, experiment and think independently. A key strength of the department is that contemporary art practitioners are integrated into all key stages, and the department aims to study both women artists and artists from different countries and ethnicities to ensure a broad and relevant art education.

Art Curriculum Map