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Bridging Classes

We understand that you have experienced significant disruption to your GCSE’s and we want to ensure that you continue to build on your study skills and are prepared for the transition to Sixth Form learning, therefore every pupil* that has accepted an offer of a place at Sacred Heart Sixth Form has been invited to enrol onto the A level and BTech Level 3 Bridging Courses. Please see the summary of Bridging Courses running for 2021 attached.

Being prepared for the transition from GCSE to A level and BTech Level 3 requires you to develop your skills beyond subject based knowledge and work. You will take part in weekly debates and discussions developing your critical thinking skills, need to be creative with problem solving and have flexibility of mind. You will need to maintain your ability to complete extended writing and have an inquisitive nature when undertaking independent work. We hope that you embrace the opportunity presented with these Bridging Courses, participating in full in order to put yourself in the best position possible as you embark on your future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sacred Heart Sixth Form in September 2021, should you have any queries, please contact the Sixth Form Team

Bridging Course Booklet