We will be publishing the minutes from every Student Council meeting so that students and staff can see the work that the Council are doing and the issues that are being raised.

10/03/2016: Minutes

Introductory Meeting.

All Representatives attended. Year 7: Rachel Balogun and Dennis Iyamu; Year 8: Amabel Cofie and Joshua Quadri; Year 9: Courtney Osei-Dapaa & Daniel Latigo; Year 10: Anthonia Ezeudogu & Leo Ngo; Year 11: Sky Lawal-West & IK Omo-Ighorado

Main issues brought up by Student Council and school Staff Leadership Team (SLT) responses in BOLD

Toilet locks & air fresheners
The school recognises that this is a serious problem. There have been ongoing difficulties getting the company responsible to fix satisfactory locks. A meeting was held on 14/3. It is hoped that the locks will be sorted by the end of this term, ready for summer term. Getting air fresheners will also be looked into.

The reintroduction of Lipton Ice Tea & Capri-Sun at lunch times.
Due to changes in government regulations about what food and drink schools can and can’t sell, we are no longer legally permitted to sell these drinks. Unless the government policy changes, this will remain the case. 

More sport clubs (e.g. Netball).
It is suggested that student council meet with the PE department and obtain an up to date timetable of current extra-curricular sports clubs which the student council can redistribute to all pupils. Then pupils can be surveyed about what further clubs might be desirable. By distributing the timetables in their year groups, student council members would be helping to promote the existing clubs and healthy lifestyles, which would be a valuable contribution for them to make to school life.

Better equipment for existing sports (e.g. boxing).
More specific information is needed.

Uniform: Summer Dress.
The school had a summer dress in the past. It was discontinued because sales were so low. How many pupils would actually buy it?

Lunch time reform: Y7-9 in one period, and 10-13 in another.
We recognise that lunchtime is difficult for many pupils. The logistics of getting 800 odd people through lunch are extremely challenging. Due to timetable and behavioural factors a  split lunchtime is non-negotiable. In the past we had different year groups going first to lunch on different days, however with many year groups having the same tie this is no longer possible. It was also found that students congregated next to the queue awaiting their year group’s turn, in turn causing a rush and health and safety issue. The school SLT therefore have made the decision to admit Year 11 and 6th form to lunch first wherever possible. This is hard on years 7.8 and 9 but we have not found an alternative situation that works. Mr Cefai is happy to attend a student council meeting and discuss these issues and listen to any further ideas.

Lunch time revision space.
It is clear that the library does not have the capacity to contain all pupils who wish to work. Provision of an extra revision space is being investigated. 6th form pupils may in future be able to work in the church hall at lunch, freeing up the library for younger pupils.

Survey. (Survey of all students).
We look forward to hearing the views and suggestions of all students from this survey!