Sixth Form

Sixth Form

At the age of 16 years, more than half of our pupils transfer to the St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College at Clapham. Here they study a wide range of courses from "A" level to BTEC, from NVQ to RSA. Most students at 18 years then transfer to universitiy and an increasing number go on to either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

The college has a first classs reputation both locally and nationally for its facilities and quality of its teaching staff. It is also noted for its superb level of academic achievement in addition to its pastoral care programme which flows directly from the fact that it is a Catholic College which endeavours to put into practice the Gospel message of Christ.

The College is massively over subscribed and it is judged as extremely difficult to get a place. However since the Sacred Heart School is a partner school with the college our 16 year olds are given preference of admission. In practice this usually means that evceryone who applies for a place at the College from the Sacred Heart School and is recommended by us gets a place.

Therefore a pupil choosing Sacred Heart School at the age of 11 years will have assured access to one of the finest Sixth Form Colleges at the age of 16 years.

Pupils who feel that they are not ready to transfer to 6th Form College at the end of year 11; we give them the opportunity to join our small 6th form "Pathfinders" at Sacred Heart.

All pupils have a tailor made programme, with one to one support and traditional lessons like Literacy, Numeracy, ICT etc, on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays they attend College and work experience gaining qualifications in childcare, construction, media, bakery to name a few.

This is shown to be very successful, we have achieved excellent results and this enables the pupils to successfully join 6th form College with the confidence and ability to continue with their education.

St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College
Malwood Road
London SW12 8EN
Telephone:(020) 8772 6000

Christ The King Sixth Form College
Belmont Hill
London SE13 5DZ
Telephone:(020) 8297 9433

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