Water Park

Statement from Michael Stepto - trip 2017

One of my favourite parts of the trip was taking the children from the children’s home to the water park, as it was such a great experience to take the children somewhere that they wouldn’t usually go to and having fun with them on the water slides and playing in the pool.


Trip 2015

On the 2nd of November, The Sacred Heart people took the kids from the children’s home to Pattaya Water Park. From waterslides to ice-cream, we had a blast. Lots of people were so ecstatic to just have a dip in the pool. I think that it really meant a lot to them to have an opportunity to go out with us and have some fun. They don’t often get to go out like this. This is why we have to keep on raising lots and lots of money. It all goes towards a good cause. With your money, we were able to buy a lot of things. When we were at the water park, they never had a frown on their face. This proves that they are very grateful for what they get.