Vocational School

Toward the end of the trip we went to the Vocational School. It is funny that every time we went to the big shopping mall (Bid C) we passed this school but I never noticed it even though it was on the compound of where we stayed. This school comes with accommodation, meaning all the students live and study in the same area, unless they are on some sort of placement. This school admits only disabled students. The most fascinating and touching thing about this school was that they varied in age and disability: from a young person to an adult, and from mildly disabled to severely disabled. We were there for around 20 minutes, however it was the most moving experience of my whole trip. Sacred Heart prepared sanitary bags which had: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, baby powder and shampoo in it. Though this may seem like something little but we provided 200 of these bags, meaning every student was given one. When giving it to them they were very happy and you could see that they were grateful. Personally, I was most inspired by their sheer determination and drive, in the sense that they were all disabled but still went to school daily and wanted to better themselves even though in their society they were seen as outcasts. As a family, Sacred Heart, I feel we have bettered their lives even in a small way, because giving them these bags meant more than the materialistic things that were in it, it meant that we thought about them and that they are important to us: which they are. With this in mind I hope that there would be a Thailand 2017 trip where other students would have the opportunity to go to Thailand and see the work in which Sacred Heart is doing in Pattaya; however the most important thing is to raise money so that there would be a ‘next time’ and so we could share our love to the students at the vocational school again.

Mary Agorioge