The Power of Lies

During Word Week 2016, 33 students from year 8 to year 13 produced a short film called: The Power of Lies. 
The film explores some of the worst political lies that have been told in recent times by Donald Trump, and during the EU referendum. It also explores tactics that lying politicians use - like presenting themselves as underdogs, fighting against 'the elite' - when they are themselves some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world. Tactics like this are being used to reduce our trust in the parts of our democracy that seek the truth; including judges, and anyone who's an expert in what they're talking about. The truth however is out there, and we just need to find it. 
One of the writers - Andreia Cruz Borges - said "Politics has always interested me yet I never went out of my way to research more about it. So when this opportunity came up, I didn’t hesitate to take part. The film opened up my mind to the way in which the media portrayed politics and how much power it holds in influencing our view of the world. It has encouraged me to be less gullible and always question things that I’ve heard or have been told."
The cast, writers and video-clip researchers were: Mary Aluko, Ellie de Satgé, Ik Omo-Ighodaro, Precious Ogunlowo, Arissa Agyekum, Adrian Jusufi, Agnes Teguile, Nathan Bekele, Milan Nembhard-Gordon, Abrehet Semra, Mark Siraut, Beverley Smitha, Joy Agwu, Jondell Canlas, Andreia Cruz Borges, Ify Egesi, Clyde Kouadio, Rayanne La Rocque, Leah Lue-Kong, Ange N'Goran, Damilola Olupona, Seun Omotosho, Zoe Opiah, Matthew Simms, Stephanie Siraut, Beverley Smitha, Cerys Toulon, Esther Uzokwe, Abdul Yusuf, Seghen Ghezae, Eden Ehioghae, and Lloyd Menka. The editor was Prince Ugorji, and it was directed by Madam Noble.