Ten: Ten Theatre

In February we had the pleasure of having Ten: Ten Theatre Company in delivering some performances for our Year 8, 9 and 10 students.

Our students from Year 8 watched “Two Faced” which tells the story of two students in Year 8 Andy and Emma – and what they discover about identify  and the value of relationships. The students learnt that God’s unconditional love is the best foundation to build their self- esteem on.  Some of the features of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to foster healthy ones. And lastly, how to use social media safely and responsibly.

Year 9 students watched “Chased” the story of a dating couple, Carly and Scott, both 16, considering having sex for the first time.  Pupils learnt through this production that all choices have far reaching consequence, some good and some bad.  Feelings can lead people to believe things that aren’t true and Doing things God’s way will lead to the most positive future.

A play for Year 10 pupils was entitled “Babies” a drama exploring the effects of a crisis pregnancy, on a young couple, Annie 17 and Joe 18.  The learning from this was that every life created is precious, and not easily forgotten, even when it is not allowed to continue.

Also that the most positive setting for sex is in the security and context of a committed relationship – e.g. marriage.  That should they, or somebody in their life, be faced with a crisis pregnancy that there is help and support available.  Some details of  such help were given and advice on how to find further information.  Finally, that God’s grace is always available to us, through the Cross of Jesus Christ.