Sacred Heart Compete in the Bank of England's Target 2.0 Challenge 2016

On 29 November five Year 13 students participated in the Bank of England and the Times’ Target 2.0 economics competition, a very prestigious competition for all Sixth Formers in the UK. This involved these students making a 15 minute presentation followed by questions and answers to the Bank of England itself, advising it as to the correct monetary policy the Bank should follow – a daunting task for even a professional economist! All students involved did themselves and their school huge credit. It was remarked by the judges and other teacher in attendance as to the confidence and presentation skills displayed by our students that they spoke for 15 minutes without notes in a detailed and comprehensive presentation. Furthermore, the level of commitment displayed by these students in preparing for this presentation was commendable and an example of how much progress Sacred Heart students can go when they have the courage to challenge themselves and extend their learning.


Ana’s reflection:

From creating graphs to interpreting data to presenting, Target 2.0 has not only increased my knowledge but also my teamwork skills. The experiencing of researching data has allowed me to learn how to take data and construct graphs enabling me to create conclusions. This experience has increased my presentation skills as I am someone who has gotten nervous presenting in the past. However, being able to have a teacher like Mr FitzGerald made the experience challenging as he always tried to make us think “how different graphs could affect inflation,” while always pushing the team to do the very best. Although we did not win, as group we did believe we presented well as we did not only present without scripts but also encouraged each other while answering questions. I believe we performed our strongest at this point as we all wanted to give the best answer so thinking on the spot made us think as economists. Overall I am extremely happy to have been a part of Target 2.0.