Sport’s Day

Statement from Adama - trip 2017

The next time we visited the Children's Home was to participate in a highly competitive sports day. This was no ordinary, bland, boring British Sports Day- heaven forbid. This was the uttermost craziest, thrill seeking, heavy weighted sports day ever. We took part in activities like tug of war, food eating races, football whilst one foot was tied to a partner, chicken chasing and water balloon volleyball. I've never laughed so much in my entire life, embracing the Thai culture was exhilarating and we became even closer with the children. So close they started referring to us by name. We ended the day with a dance off and found that we were all winners and there were no losers.


Statement from Cheyenne Faulkner - trip 2017

For me the best part of Thailand 2017 was sports day because I felt like I really connected with the children. The teams were us and the Thai children. Again we couldn’t understand each other but we still were able to complete the challenges. I was in the yellow team and when Mr price won us a challenge - the Thai children celebrated with us like a family.


Trip 2015

During Sports day we did many activities such as sack races, running races, tug of war, food competitions, football and one shot kicks.

Knowing Mr Price as the competitive man that he is , his team did exceptionally well.

Our team consisted of fifteen people. Five people from Sacred Heart and 10 people from the Children's Home where the event took place. We had Mandy who is currently studying at Cambridge University as our team leader. Our team moto was "GO EAST GO EAST WHY WON'T YOU GO EAST" in the end we came third.

When all the events were finished; we were very hot and exhausted. I thought that it would be a good idea to have a water fight considering the fact that we had been wanting to have one on the roof of the hotel. We filled up empty bottles that we had finished with cold water and chucked it over anyone, they attempted to do the same to us.

After some time we decicded to start throwing cups of ice down the back of peoples shirts. this was not a goood idea ,because while we were getting the ice someone would put a cup of ice down your shirt. I was this person so when I wanted ice I made sure everyone was gone.

In my opinion I thought that the water and ice was refreshing and chilling but at the same time freezing cold. It was one of the best parts of the Thailand trip and I will forever treasure it in my heart for as long as I live.