Sky Skills Reward Trip

32 students from Year 8, 9 and 10 were given the chance to visit Sky Skills studios and to create their own news report on Thursday 28th September 2017. This was as a result of being nominated by at least 2 subject areas for ‘best effort’ in their Independent Study projects last year. It was a fantastic day for all and both Madam Vasquez and I were very impressed with the talent shown by many there were some promising script writers, performers and editors in the group!

Madam Welsh

Here is an account of the day written by Eden Ehioghae and Victoria Agyarko, both in Year 9:

“When we got there, we were briefed on what we were supposed to do and then we were split into 4 groups of 7. We were told that we were supposed to make a news report all together, equivalent to the ones that we see on Sky news. These groups were put into the four different studios for us to start filming our separate parts of the news report, on ‘Celebrity Culture.’

In Studio 1, they began with the introduction, talking about the Kardashians. Studio 2 was reporting about the paparazzi and how they affect celebrities.

Studio 3 did a real life interview with people from the ‘real world,’ where they were talking about Kanye West and his attack on the paparazzi. Finally, Studio 4 did the last part of the news where they interviewed ‘experts’ on a particular topic. In this case, it was on plastic surgery.

Before we did any recording, we had to plan everything we were going to put in the video. We sat down and talked about what we were going to do. When we decided on everything, we typed it up on the iPad.

Some of the roles we played were:

· The director

· The editor

· An expert

· Cameraperson

· Presenter

· Eyewitness

The actors got changed into costumes to match their role but the others didn’t need to get changed because they were all working behind the scenes. Instead, they had the privilege of dressing the actors into elaborate clothing that they saw fit. After the fabulous costume change, we were ready to film!

Eventually, our time ran out for filming and the actors got changed back into school uniform again and we all gathered together as a whole group. The guides then took us down through a small corridor and showed us how the professionals present the news in the Sky Sports studios. He explained how they organised everything and told us how fast they had to work to be able to put on the news that people watch. We saw them in action, at their computers, in the middle of a live news report. We had to be quiet behind the glass as the sound still travels through.

The whole report was done completely by us (with some help with the equipment) and then it was put together by the team. Overall, we really enjoyed the workshop and went away with new found information about how news reports are done and the work, effort and time taken up by each individual.”

Many thanks to Eden and Victoria for their write-up.

If you are interested in what Sky has to offer, in sports and the media, check out their website: