British Science Week 11-20 March 2016

The Science department had a busy week with the following activities taking place:


Monday -        Mr Taylor's Magic Dye Chemistry Experiment with Years 7 & 8 Science, Gifted & Talented students, Post 16 Raising
                          Achievements lecture on Electrical Stimulation and the Nervous System and the lunchtime activity - Dissection Circus                             with Ms Bonar.

Tuesday -        Guest speaker for Year 9 students on Pregnancy and Childbirth, lunchtime demonstration was Methane Bubbles with
                          Mr Trofimczuk.

Wednesday - Year 8 Science quiz house event, lunchtime activity - Screaming Jelly Babies with Mr Adusei.

Thursday -     Year 8 Gifted & Talented students went to the Natural History Museum, lunchtime demonstration was Methane                                      Bubbles with Mr Trofimczuk.

Friday -           Zoolab came in to school to show some hand picked students some excellent and exotic animals, mostly from the                                  rain-forest.  They included: A Millipede, giant African Land snail, a Scorpian and a corn Snake.