Painting a Mural at the Father School for the Blind

The initial thought of designing and executing a new mural for the Blind school was exciting for me. Along with some of the other students I designed a mural including some symbolism showing the love and connection between the Thai kids and us Sacred Heart students. When we started cleaning out the wall we had no idea how hard it was going to be. In the short time of only one morning we had to clean scrape and paint the base coat on a 20m long wall. The struggle was intense but we did it and even, exhausted, went back singing. The next morning we painted another coat of beige and started drawing out and painting the main design. With the help of Ms. Williams, Mr. Guittet and music we finished the mural off. The design shows how we connect with the Thai kids through Sacred Heart and the huge heart represents just how much love is felt between the two parts of the world. During our work someone questioned why we were painting a mural if these blind children won’t be able to see it, yet the answer is simple; some of the children still have some eyesight. All the staff and children will appreciate the mural and we were very happy to complete it.

Carolina Lopez