Provide help to orphans by accepting to bring up poor orphans and providing lodging, food and education services without limitation in race and religion;

Provide families with readiness who want to adopt orphans under the child adoption law;

Provide education to orphans according the their intelligence in as much as their ability to learn and to provide them with employment when they finish their education;

Co-operate with other charity organizations that work about children for public interest.

Have a qualified nurse working full time at the Orphanage, and weekly visits from a Consultant Paediatrician, our children are in pretty good health.


Statement from Hilary Adeleye - trip 2017

We went to the orphanage to see the kids and I carried this child and it was wonderful to feel his little chest against mine. In that moment, I felt what a mother might feel for her child. That aching love. I pressed him against me and all was right in the world. I felt what he felt in that moment. He held on not wanting to let go. It hurt my heart to leave him. I thought “how could such a cute happy healthy boy be left?” But maybe this was the better alternative. At least now he has a bed, a roof, 3 square meals and friends around him.


Statement from Daniella Correa Colorado - trip 2015

I am going to talk about, when we visited Pattaya orphanage and the way it affected me. When we first went, we had to get checked out if we were sick, so the kids don't catch anything. This made me feel how aware the workers were with the children’s health which was great. When I entered I saw the little toddlers running around the workers, they were so tiny and adorable. I went to a girl and she was so scared of me she ran away and hid behind a worker. I was nervous because every time I’d get close she’d cry. Then I saw a boy and I went to him he hugged me and then ran away. When he hugged me it made me feel happy and it made me more confident with the children. I just followed them around or chase them and they’d run, but they would laugh with joy. Then I saw the new born babies in another room, which were very small, but didn’t get to carry them. Then I went back to play with the children, most of them were very scared of us because they didn’t know us like the workers. Then I could see how close they were even though the toddlers aren’t theirs.

Then we swapped with another group and went to the other room where the older toddlers were. They were all sat down watching TV, but when we entered some of them got up and went to the lady that was with them. Then I went to the boy who was still sat down and I picked him up, he suddenly smiled which made me really close because he hugged me as well, but he didn’t want to let go of me. We walked around the room and I saw two girls and one boy with the worker because they were scared of us. I then saw how hard it must be for the workers to be around so many children. We had to leave and I said bye to the boy and he hugged me for the last time. I felt so close even though we had just met.

We left the building and saw some older Thai orphans playing football, so some of us joined them and played a match. It was quite difficult because they were really good and quite hard to score against, including with the really hot weather. I saw these kids play without shoes and I thought that playing like that might hurt.  I felt so sorry for them because they don’t have a mother or father to care for them or watch them grow up.