Student Council: what’s it for and what do we hope to achieve?

Student Council has recently been set up under the guidance of the Year 13 Leadership Team, and presented itself to Years 7-11 as a medium through which their thoughts and ideas may be expressed and implemented. After a long and arduous selection process consisting of application forms, shortlists, and elections the ten Year Representatives have been chosen and have begun work. We believe that Student Council is more than just a box that the school should tick, and more than just a place for students to vent their frustrations. Student Council is about responsibility. By placing the freedom of choice at the hands of students, they are able to make realistic and effective changes to the school, from small things which will be rarely noticed, to much grander initiatives.

What do we hope to achieve? Change and development. We firstly want school to become a more comfortable environment for the students, by giving them a sense of responsibility and empowerment we hope that pupils become more invested in the school community. Effective change won’t be easy, when ideas are put forward we’ll need utmost dedication from students, staff, and representatives to ensure that the legitimate wishes of the students are put into action. In reference to development, this is both the development of the school community, and of individual students. We hope that the Council will epitomise student leadership skills, by helping them with leadership, public speaking, and soft skills.

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”

Henry A. Kissinger

Leonardo de Rezende

Student Council Chairman, Year 13