Ms Cawley, B13 Mondays 3.15 - 4pm

Logic Box is a mathematics club aimed at the keen mathematicians in years 7 and 8. Pupils are invited to play an exciting array of games that require some logical problem solving skills and test their ability to work together and independently. Pupils build points by playing games of varying difficulty; the harder the problem the higher the points! Points can be built playing lots of low point games such as Connect 4 or Battleships or by solving the extremely complicated such as the Rubik’s or the Bedlam Cubes. In addition to this there are lots of mathematical board games such as Equate and Arithmanix that allow the pupils to explore the more fun side of maths as well as meet pupils from different sets or year groups. At the end of each session of Logic Box a small prize is awarded to the pupil with the most points with an additional certificate and prize awarded to the pupils who earn the highest amount of points over a term.