Library Rules

Welcome to the Library.

Remember, you are all members of the School Library. 

You each have a Library card which is kept by the Librarian for safe keeping; you will need this card in order to borrow books. 

The Librarian Ms Laffan, is here to help and assist you to select books throughout the day.



  1. You should always work quietly so as not to interrupt others working in the Library.
  2. Do not bring food or drink into the Library.
  3. During lessons times you can only use the Library if you have your diary signed by a member of staff with the date
          and time.
  4. At Lunchtimes, only one person to a computer and to be used for school work only.
  5. Please do not leave books on the floor or put them back incorrectly on the shelves.  If you are not sure where they
          go, please ask the librarian.
  6. Please leave the Library tidy after you have finished your work and put the chairs under the table.
  7. Reference books are not to be taken OUT of the Library, but you can photocopy pages from the books.
  8. Books should be returned by the end of the two week period, if you wish to keep the book please come and get it
  9. Laptops must be logged off and shut down, and returned at the end of each lesson.
  10. Lower school pupils are NOT allowed to cut through the Library, access only to Sixth Form Students.
  11. No mobile phones or headphones to be used in the library at any time.
  12. Books not returned on time will incur a fine of 20p for each day after the date of return.
  13. Books that are damaged or lost will need to be replaced.