Leaving Party

Everyone had mentally prepared themselves to say goodbye at the end of the night. But in those last few hours, it didn’t matter that we would never see each other again; all that mattered was that we were still in Thailand and we all appreciated every little second we had left with the Thai children. 

When we first entered the Children’s Home, the children gave us a flower necklace that they had made for us. The Thai Children had also made us a display with pictures of us and the Thai Children with a massive ‘WE LOVE SACRED HEART’ in the middle. It was beautiful and we were so grateful for the time and effort they spent on the display board. We were welcomed to food, drinks and music at the Children’s Home but more importantly, we were welcomed to smiles, laughter and joy. Our last night was spent dancing, singing and playing games. A lot of the Thai children had choreographed dances that they then performed to us. It was heart-warming seeing them attempt their hardest to perfect their performances for us. Many of them were based on their culture and it was beautiful witnessing the children laugh whilst they performed showing us that they were having fun. Then, all Sacred Heart students danced or sang to our own performances that we had made for them and we made them join in with us so they could experience our culture too. The bonds we made in less than 2 weeks were evident when Sacred Heart students and the Thai children came together one last time to dance and jump around.

Before we left, the Thai children gave us some tins that they decorated with a keychain inside. It was the simplest of gifts but it held so much meaning to it. After various pictures were taken and social media exchanges, it was time to say goodbye. We hugged as many people as we could manage and every hug held words we couldn’t communicate like ‘I love you’ or ‘I will miss you.’ Everyone was in a puddle of tears; we were crying because we were overwhelmed with how humble and genuine these children were and how privileged each and every one of us were to have experienced such an amazing trip. Our mission was to make them happy and put smiles on their faces which we effortlessly achieved. The leaving party was my highlight of Sacred Heart’s Mission to Pattaya because it was where our last memories were made and it’s where I most felt like at home.

Andreia Cruz Borges