Art Exhibitions

The art department puts on a number of exhibitions and displays throughout the academic year.

The largest show is the GCSE exhibition which takes over the entire school gym for a week each June.

There are displays on parents evenings and each year group gets to showcase their work.

Artwork goes on show at many of the schools public events such as musical evenings, the GTP night and The NRA evening


Artwork is on display in all the public areas of the school and is regularly updated. In addition there are a number of commissioned permanent pieces such as the House Saints mosaic, the Thailand mosaic and the oil paintings of all the stations of the cross in the school hall, the ceramic poppies and Monet Mural in the Garden.

Whenever possible our student’s work goes on show  at outside institutions. Highlights have included 20 lithographic prints made by our year 10 students went on display at The British Museum. In the past our pupil’s work has been shown at The Courtauld Gallery, King College Hospital, The Design Museum and Kensington Olympia craft fair.