KS3 French

Every Wednesday at lunch time the KS3 French club is held in room A3. It reinforces the learning that took place in lessons by doing lots of different games to make it fun and interactive.


KS4 French

KS4 French club every Wednesday from 3 to 4pm in room A3. Pupils do exam practice papers which helps prepare them for the GCSE exams.

Year 7 Gifted & Talented Club: The Importance of Breakfast

Year 7 pupils who have made exceptional progress in the subject are invited to join the G&T club. Here pupils address of one key area of the Year 7 syllabus in order to extend and develop their understanding of this important topic.

Pupils begin the project by making a full English fried breakfast and a traditional Mexican breakfast burrito which they then carry out a nutritional analysis and sensory analysis on to assess the quality of the products. Next, pupils use their own ideas to develop a breakfast from a different culture. Finally, pupils experiment with their chosen ideas by testing their products on willing volunteers to see which breakfast keeps you fuller for longer, maintains concentration or gives you plenty of energy to carry out physical tasks such as a bleep test. All results are written up, awards given and displays created at the end of the 12 weeks.