KS3 Art

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All pupils at KS3 Art in Year 7, 8 and 9  have the opportunity to study Art for 2 hours each week as part of the Art & Technology carousel.  They are set homework which should take around an hour.

Achievement in art is well above the National average and the Art Department has very high expectations in terms of behaviour and attainment.  If you wish to support your child there are in depth guidelines and resources on the VLE.

Our art department is committed to developing the whole child and every child at KS3 will visit a gallery or museum.  Our enrichment program is extensive and pupils visit numerous galleries and museums as well as attend workshops.  In addition we have visiting artists and designers and this keeps courses lively and interesting.

Our extra- curricular program is extensive and we offer many interesting out of school activities.  Clubs are available most evenings and some lunchtimes.   Our pupils also have the chance attend weekend and holiday courses at Museums and Galleries.

Year Group Art & Technology Carousel  6-8 weeks
Year 7 Fantasy Fish  Thailand
Year 8 Masks  
Year 9 Pop Art
Year 9 Textiles - Body Art