Business and Economics Industry Talk November 2016

The talk that Matt Ferguson, an experienced banker, gave us was very insightful about the banking industry. This talk gave me an all-inclusive view of someone who works in banking, with experience in various different roles. It gave me knowledge on economics and the banking industry but also gave us extensive knowledge on how we can work hard and improve ourselves. Matt also emphasised the importance of a well-balanced life within the banking industry and how this can be achieved my taking time out for yourself.  This was very necessary as an A Level student who wishes to pursue a career in finance. The talk brought a holistic view on his financial career and therefore gave me the ability to apply his knowledge to my life, thus making the talk more engaging, useful and motivational; examples of this were when he spoke about his progress within his career and how he was promoted frequently. He also gave examples of his university life and how his aim is to always want to be the best in whatever he does, which is an aim which I hope to adopt for my life. Matt’s talk was very meaningful and all the things he said can be applied to all students, as well as those who want to progress to the finance industry.

Elizabeth Abiade, Year 13