How the Library is used

All pupils, staff and governors may use the library to borrow books and resources. The library is open during the whole of the school day including lunch break and is open after school until 5.30pm each day.

Accommodation for:

  1. Access to resources
  2. Quiet study
  3. Discussion
  4. Practical work
  5. Photocopying
  6. Computer club
  7. Chess club
  8. Book Club


Individual pupils or groups may use the library for research/study, with teacher's permission.

There are 5 desk top computers and 32 laptops in the library that provide an excellent resource for research.

In September 2014 Sacred Heart opened a brand new library in our brand new school in Camber well New Road.  There are facilities for Year 12 & 13 to study and revise, as well as 9 new book cases full of books, plus a book case full of Sixth Form Reference Books.

The Library also has a very wide selection of other reference books for the rest of the school, for both pupils and staff which can ONLY be used in the Library, and cannot be borrowed or taken OUT of the Library.

Although the Library is on the third floor the library is always full of pupils either studying, changing books, or revising.