Students fundraise for overseas hunger projects

Students at Sacred Heart raised funds to help people affected by droughts caused by climate conflict over 5,000 miles away.

Students gave up their money that they would have used to buy a treat such as sweets, drinks, chocolate, crisps or chicken & chips on Friday 2nd October to fundraise for CAFOD’s Harvest appeal, an annual campaign which this year focused on supporting people impacted by hunger in Niger.

Mr White, a RE teacher and member of the chaplaincy team said:

“It’s wrong that people in places such as Niger food is so scarce in their communities. It’s great that CAFOD is providing access to tools and training, and empower them to become self-sufficient despite living in the most difficult of conditions.

“It’s inspiring to think that the money raised by our students will help to provide equipment like shovels, goats for milk to buy and sell and nurses to work in nutrition centres helping people who are malnourished.”

An example of the help given is to Hamani. Hamani is a man in his 70s who lives in a remote village in Niger, the poorest country in the world. Each year at Harvest time – about a month from now – he looks forward to a crop that will feed him and his family throughout the year. And each year, as Hamani gets older, he hopes and prays that the harvest comes on time. That the rains come when they should. That they will bring enough life-giving water to feed the earth and the people. That the crop is enough to see him through to the next harvest. And that his children and grandchildren won’t starve. This is because in recent times, the harvest has gotten smaller because of longer and hotter dry seasons. This is a dry, punishing heat - strong enough to boil water if it’s left outside for too long. Strong enough to burn crops as they grow in the fields.

On your behalf, CAFOD has been working with a Catholic Partner – Caritas Niger – to ensure that Hamani and his family can survive if his crop is destroyed. Following a disastrous harvest in 2011, your support ensured he was able to eat and to have enough seeds to plant for the next harvest. But perhaps more importantly, you are enabling work not just in one village, but in larger areas of Niger to ensure people don’t have to live hand-to-mouth if a harvest fails. With your support, and through our local Church partner, entire communities are being trained to grow different crops that can still be eaten, even if the burning sun cooks them on the stalk. People have been given livestock and ploughs so that they can farm land. And have been supported to grow a natural protection for their land – one that will prevent the earth from being scorched. This work is so vital because it means more and more people throughout Niger have the dignity of not relying on hand-outs and be able to feed their family and the joy of sharing their abundance with others.

Students raised a total of £362.92.

Well done and thank you for your generosity.

More information about CAFOD’s Harvest appeal can be found at