Halloween Party

Message from Adama - trip 2017

In the spirit of Halloween we all put on face paint and wore creepy accessories alongside our Thailand 2017 shirts to an annual 'birthday party'. In the Children's Home there are so many children that they simply can't celebrate every single person’s birthday. Instead they have a big birthday party for everyone born in August- October and combined it with a Halloween party. I was extremely excited as this was my first time ever celebrating Halloween and it sure was worth the wait. There was plenty of food and the Thailand children put on plenty of shows and performances for us which made us dance and laugh. Of course, we weren't going to leave without returning the favour! In the last week, with the guidance of the sixth formers we had put together a performance for them with a finale dance of 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. I'm so glad I participated as it was really fun and the children also wanted to get involved. Surprisingly, after we finished, we were presented with parting gifts and our own personal sketches to take home! From then on, everyone came onstage and we danced for hours and hours. Each time Mr Cefai tried to make us leave we'd plead with him to stay.

Eventually we did have to go and we all put in effort and cleared everything away. Finally... came...the waterworks. I don't know how, or when but as soon as I laid eyes on my dear friend Maprang I burst into tears and she squeezed me really tight. We embraced each other and I could tell she was holding back her tears to prevent me from crying more. Everyone around me was completely distraught and as we got into the bus, we all kept latching onto our friends unwillingly to let go. Her final parting words to me in English were 'I love you Adama’ and in my puddle of tears I couldn't be happier.
Luckily, we got to see them just before we left and they gave us roses. As a school, or by the end of the trip, a family, we had a very long reflection in which we shared our highlights and spoke about what was going to happen when we returned.


Message from Leah Lue-Kong - trip 2015

In the spirit of the Halloween birthday party the street kids home invited us to, we put on the face paint and dressed up. The moment we arrived we were greeted with warm smiles and ghastly faces. It was our surprise to see that they had also invited the children from the drop in centre, the children’s village, the special needs kids and the children from the blind school to perform for us. Each and every act that went up on the stage amazed us. To think that they spent their time practicing for us made me feel so privileged. The thing that stood out to me the most was the children from the blind school. A group of them had gotton together, formed a band and blew us away. God is truly awesome to, bless them with such musical talent and ability, it was a very inspiring thing to witness. I shall never forget it. Going further into the party they started presenting gifts to the children in the home, who’s birthdays were in September – December. The biggest shock was when they began to call up students from Sacred Heart. Me luckily enough being one of the few, I received a beautiful engraved clock as a reminder of the sights that I had witnessed. My most memorable point of this part was when everybody got onto the dance floor. It was wonderful to see how fast everyone was bonding with each other despite the language barrier. We dance excitedly to their songs as well as them dancing with as much enthusiasm to ours. Overall it was a night to remember and if we don't, we still have the photographs to jog our memories.