Science Gifted & Talented Physiotherapy Workshop

In November, 30 G&T science students took part in a Physiotherapy Workshop run by students from St George’s University. Firstly, we were given some key information in regards to what physiotherapy is all about and a summary of the three main areas: respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal. We learnt that some vital aspects of physiotherapy are what happens when you get injured, how to assess patients and using exercises to recover.

We then had a chance to visit three stations which went through each area in more detail. In the first station we listened to each other’s breathing using stethoscopes and how this is used to assess patients with respiratory problems.

In the second station we learnt more about bones and joints in the body which linked to the third station where we practiced some exercises. We tried out skipping, balancing and even a bit of football.

We finished the workshop with an opportunity to ask the students some questions about physiotherapy and university life. We all thought the workshop was very useful and really enjoyed the real life situations we learnt about.

By Holly Agbukor and Sara Pedace 8M