Father Ray Children’s Home

The place we visited the most- and the one that will, arguably, leave the biggest imprint on our hearts- was the Father Ray Children’s Home. The children here were kids our age, who’d been orphaned, neglected or abandoned. Every time we visited, we were blessed with their smiles and love. We helped out on their farm that helps sustain the centre with food and income, they taught us Thai dancing and boxing, we played games and puzzles, and lots and lots of football! We also gave the children of the Home an opportunity to come and explore Thailand with us; we visited a Water Park, a Tiger Zoo, and the Nang Nooch National Park. We also took them shopping, giving them £10 to spend on themselves (a luxury they rarely experience) and they had a meal out at KFC! It’s difficult to describe how close we felt to these children in such a short space of time. There were rivers of tears shed on our last night- both English and Thai!