Day Care Centre

Each morning more than sixty young toddlers arrive from the poorest slum areas of Pattaya to spend the day at the Father Ray Day Care Centre.

They spend the day in safety while their parents or careers go off to work  or in search of 
employment, happy in the knowledge that their child is safe.

We provide the toddlers with breakfast, as many will have no food at home. They also receive lunch and snacks, and many take food home with them each evening.

Activities are organised which stimulate their young minds and which are also age appropriate. They are learning to read and write, learning to socialize with other children and they are learning through play.

Once each month a nurse visits to make sure the children are in best of health. We hope that by providing child care facilities to the poorer members of society, parents will find suitable employment which will break the cycle of poverty and provide the child with more opportunities in life than what was available for previous generations.


Statement by Ife Oladejo - trip 2017

My favourite places to visit during the trip has to be the children’s day-care and the children’s home as I’m pretty sure those were the places that had my teeth on show throughout. I just never wanted to leave. It was the fact that the children and the toddlers we met had been, or still are, in difficult and unimaginable situations yet you would have never been able to tell by looking at them. They had the smiles and joy that only love and care can give and although many of the
children are orphans, the father Ray Foundation along with the volunteers like us, are able to give them a more unforgettable life than they would have otherwise had. 


Statement by Keziah Andreson  - trip 2017

Moments during the trip that really resonated with me was the first time we visited the children’s centre. They were so welcoming and they wanted to play with us the moment we got there. I
especially liked the enthusiasm of two particular girls as they joined us whilst dancing. They taught us their dance and we taught them a few of ours too. The atmosphere was just uplifting. That day really made us connect with the children and even though we thought language would be a
barrier, that whole day suggested the opposite. I also enjoyed the day we went to the
waterpark – were I believe we really bonded, not just with the kids but also within ourselves as a group. I especially liked this day because I made a new friend, a girl called Sao, she was so bubbly, going on the slides together and playing and splashing in the water together. She was always
smiling and it made it hard for me to believe she was once a street child, just emphasising how grateful and happy they are with the little they had. There were many kids that I met but she stood out along with Meow, a lovely little girl I met at the orphanage that was very playful and surprised me with the amount of English she knew compared to the others.