CREST Award Club

WHEN: Every Wednesday during year 12 enrichment time and afterschool 3 – 4pm.


WHO: With Mr Trofimczuk, Year 12/13s

CREST Award Club is a club linked to STEM that provides opportunities for pupils to explore real-world science, technology, engineering and maths projects in an exciting way.

CREST is a UK award scheme that recognises success, and enables students to build their skills and demonstrate personal achievement in project work.  Students create and take ownership of their projects and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as relevant.

Currently we have a number of students carrying out Silver CREST Awards which involves 30 hours of project work. Current projects include:

  • Investigating Properties of Esters
  • Are Biological Detergents more effective than non-biological
  • Investigating the Strength of Glue Formed with Various Combinations of Household Chemicals
  • Determining the vitamin C content of various foods
  • Investigating the properties of cigarette filters