Child Protection and Development Centre

Statement by Daniel Latigo - trip 2017

We took many gifts here because they don’t usually get gifts from other people and the children were happy to see us and play with us.

On one of the days, we took some of the children from the centre to the Tiger Zoo and we saw many different shows such as: the tiger show, elephant show, pig show and crocodile show which was scary to watch but we all enjoyed going here.


Statement from Wayne Narag - trip 2017

We had the opportunity to visit the child development and protection centre. And one thing I noticed, was how happy the kids were – they did not have much, but showed great appreciation for our gifts, even some staff were overjoyed with tables we gave them. Our quick interaction with the children there was to be never forgotten, both groups played to our hearts content, even Ms.Claughton and Mr. Price joined in some group volleyball. One lady who owned a drinks stand was seen every day giving the children free cold slushies, showing again how many individuals make up the foundation, even if it is the kind old woman who gives the children free beverages.


Statment from Matthew Bellor - trip 2015

For the first time in the history of the Thailand trips, we visited a centre where children who have been sexual abused or come from a rough background resided. Despite only visiting the centre once we created such a bond with these children; I almost forgot the fact that we only met them once. We engaged in so many activities such as dancing, football and other games and created some unforgettable memories together. They prepared a buffet for us and performed songs and dances whilst we ate, it was an honour to be in their hospitality. Although the language barrier was such a big issue the love and friendship that we shared allowed us to overcome these barriers and still communicate and share incredible experiences with one another. Although it was very unfortunate that we only shared one day together, I would not change the experience, bonds, love and friendships we made, for the world.


Statement from Esther Oduntan - trip 2015

The child protection development centre was a facility by which abused and maltreated children are looked after and given a home as well as a family. Whilst we were there the thought of any of these kids having a traumatic past escaped me. We were greeted with such humility and big smiles. As the night continued with games laughter and dancing, we were treated to dinner, a buffet where we continued to bond with our kids. One of the highlights for me in particular was the song that the kids performed from the land before time. They took their time to rehearse and perfect a song in our native language so as to give something back to us. One thing that was continuous wherever we went was the feeling of gratitude that the Thai people had and the need to give back to us no matter how little it was. The whole experience was truly memorable and touching.