Chess Club

This year is our 2nd year organising an in-House Chess Tournament and we had an amazing response from all students. Our first tournament we had 23 competitors, this year we doubled our competitors with 45 students taking part from Year 7 right through to Year 13. Chess has really taken off in Sacred Heart this year with over three times more students than last year attending Chess Club every Thursday and Friday. With Mr Jerez teaching our beginners and running Chess Club, we now feel confident to start challenging others schools too.

The Tournament started on Monday 6th March with the knockout rounds taking place Monday to Wednesday and Quarter Finals played on Thursday. It was fantastic to watch so many students playing with determined dedicated looks on their faces. You could hear a pin drop in the school hall. Throughout the knockout rounds as students were leaving the competition, they returned every day of the tournament to see how their friends and other students they had competed against were doing.

Friday 10th March was the big day, we had Semi – Finals and the Grand Final. Two Year 8 students, Agnes Tegile 8M and Solomon Areoye 8P competed against each other in the Semi – Finals for a place in the Final. Hanz Espino 13JM and Thien Nguyen 13JM competed against each other for the other Final place.   

Solomon and Agnes both competed in the Chess Tournament last year with Solomon going out in the first round and Agnes finishing second in the Tournament. With a lot of practice and dedication to the Chess Club, Solomon came back this year and defeated Agnes to take his place in the Grand Final. Next was the battle of Year 13 with two good friends competing against each other to settle an ongoing dispute over who was the better chess player. It was fantastic to watch them play, but with a 2 – 0 victory, Hanz Espino won and went on to challenge Solomon Areoye in the Grand Final.

Our Chess Tournament Champion is Hanz Espino 13JM and Runner – Up Solomon Areoye 8