Careers and Work Related Learning

Sacred Heart School is committed to ensuring that all our students receive effective, independent and impartial careers guidance.

Sacred Heart students will take part in a holistic education whereby they will have access to excellent academic opportunities and at the same time be fully prepared for work and life.

At Sacred Heart School you can expect to have:

  • Careers Trips every year to Businesses, Careers fairs and Universities
  • Raising aspiration talks led by people who are in the profession you want to go into
  • Useful work experience in Year 10 and Year 12
  • Tests to see what job would suit you best
  • Information on University and apprenticeship opportunities using Unifrog
  • One to one interviews guiding you on your future path
  • Awareness of employability skills and how you reach them through your involvement in extra-curricular activities

Director of Employability

Mrs A Sparkes