Book Club

Sacred Heart started its first Book Club this year in September 2016. We have 8 – 15 members from Year 7 and 8 who sign up each half term to read together. Book club is a place where our students gather to read and build their confidence in public reading. They sit in a group and take it in turns reading aloud and helping each other out when they are struggling with words. It has a great atmosphere and our new Year 7 students are interacting great with Year 8. Their confidence and their reading is improving within the whole group.

The students read for 30 minutes (one at a time), and then for the last 15 minutes they have a chat about what their favourite part of the story is and which character they like best.

In the first Book Club, they read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. They really enjoyed this book and were very sympathetic towards the characters in the story. We ran a competition between Book Club members to design their own cover based on what they had read in the story. These are some of the amazing creations they had:

When we finished reading the book, the students got to enjoy popcorn whilst watching the film based on the book.


The second book they read was “Slaves of the Mastery” by William Nicholson. We chose this book as Year 7 had just finished reading the first book in the Wind on Fire Trilogy “The Wind Singer” and also because Year 8 were studying Slavery. Year 7 informed Book Club of what had happened in the first book and everyone was excited to get on with The Slaves of the Mastery. Everyone really enjoyed this book. They turned up to book club every Monday excited to tell the group what they had read. This book was enjoyed so much, it was easy to pick the next book for Book Club. It had to be the final book in the trilogy “Firesong”.

In December 2016, Book Club went on a trip to the theatre to watch a storytelling of “A Christmas Carol” as a reward for dedication to Book Club. A couple of regular users of the library and also some members of Chess Club came along too. Everyone really enjoyed it.