Blind School at the Beach 

So on our very last day, we took the blind children to the beach. We got in our usual son toww (cab) and we made our way there. It was really rainy which was annoying but then it stopped. When we got to the blind school, we were paired with the children and they greeted us very warmly. The child that I was paired with melted my heart and so did his friend! I told him to call me "Eni" because Eniola is just too long. As we were going however, he wanted to be with his friend who was paired with Carolina. Now this was hard because we had to hold on to them but they wanted to guide and hold on to each other??

The rain started again but in-spite of that we decided to carry on with our journey. The beach wasn't too far from the blind school which was good. My boy and his friend were teaching me something in Thai (I was told the word was banana) but it was so cool cause I was learning so much from them. We ended up making a beat in which most people decided to sing along to "kway kway, yaw *beat drops* kway kway yaw" and then they would burst into laughter. We literally did that for the whole journey because it was just so funny. 

When we finally arrived at the beach, my boys didn't want to go in the water??? I was so confused because I thought that was the main reason for the trip. We all came in agreement to just make sand castles and collect sea shells! Due to the weather being so bad we had to leave quickly but we still had a good time there making sand castle and all sorts. On our way back myself and my boy continued to sing our song and tried to mingle with the other people from their school. When we got back to the blind school, Mr Cefai kindly bought us all ice cream and we watched the blind school band sing ‘you are my sunshine’ with the new instruments we bought them. This made me really happy as they were happy and the song made me teary but I had to control the tears.

We had to leave to get ready because our day was really long and as I was getting in the cab back, my friend kept on calling ‘Eni Eni Eni’ so we could sing the song and from the cab I would sing it back to him and he would sing it again, I genuinely didn’t want to leave because we were both having fun and the separation made me really sad that I actually did cry. It was such an amazing experience meeting them as well as making music with them, nothing but love and positivity.