Bangers and Maths

Ms Hibbett and Ms Cawley A5 for practical sessions and B13 for theory sessions

Wednesday 3.15 – 4.30pm

Bangers and Maths is a cross curricular Mathematics and Food Technology club. It is open to pupils from KS3 and each term is dedicated to one KS3 year group per term. Bangers and Maths aims to highlight how much mathematics there is in everyday life, particularly in Food Science and practical activities. Pupils explore topics such as recipe ratio, conversion between the metric and imperial measurements, costing, profit, packaging and general practical skills in the kitchen. In addition pupils are encouraged to consider healthier eating, they are introduced to how fats and sugars are proportioned in food and how to reduce this as well as label product nutritional percentages. Each year group has a slightly different focus but a common intention that aims to show pupils how maths can be fun and cooking can be academic!