BMW/Mini Factory Oxford, September 2015

On 25th September, six Year 13 Business Studies students visited the Mini/BMW factory in Oxford. This was an excellent opportunity for these A-Level students to visit a hugely successful company’s operations. To call this British manufacturing in the 21st Century would be an understatement! Students, and indeed their teacher, were amazed by the sophistication of the way BMS’s robots made these classy bespoke vehicles – one thousand Mini’s drive out the factory doors each day!. One very rewarding aspect for students was the opportunity to apply production theories learned in the classroom in real life – BMW’s just-in-time assembly line technique being just one. All-in-all, a great day out for the Year 13 Business Studies group at Sacred Heart, with maybe the only disappointment being they never got to drive one back to school!

Trevor’s reflection:

“My experience of the visit to the Mini production plant in Oxford was extremely beneficial as I was able to see first-hand how Mini operated with a lean production system, giving me a better understanding of what lean production is and what is consists of for my A-level course in Business Studies. I also thought that the robotics which they used to manufacture the vehicles were fascinating as it required minimal human interference and made no errors in production.”

Mrs A Sparkes
Head of Business Studies