Institute of Chartered Accountants National BASE Challenge

On Thursday 19 November 2016, six year 13 A-Level Business students had the opportunity to participate in the ICAEW’s National Business and Accounting competition for students and compete against other schools across London. It involved these students researching, analysing and evaluating a 30 page case study and then making a business presentation in front of industry experts and their peers. The students also had the opportunity to develop key employability skills, gain further insight into the career path for an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and network with representatives from Ernst & Young and KPMG. 

Nana, a Year 13 student, shares her experience at the Base Challenge below:

‘Attending the ICAEW Base Challenge was a great experience, as I developed skills I never thought I had and worked with a team, where all ideas were crucial in forming our final presentation. Not only did we have the chance to show off our teamwork skills but we were also able to network with professionals in different accountancy firms looking for enthusiastic and motivated young people to join their company. The ICAEW Base challenge has changed my outlook on accountancy and business as a whole. The competition would be a great addition to your UCAS application to stand out among thousands of other people applying for the same course.’